UPDATE: Walking School Bus Program

The Genesee Hill Walking School Bus program is off to a robust start!

Over the summer we were able to coordinate eight (8)¬†routes to serve the school’s new walking area.

At this time, walking school bus routes run before school only.

If you would like to join a route, please consult our current map. This map shows the meeting places for each route as well as the captain/coordinator for each. If you live in close proximity to one of these existing routes, please contact the route’s captain for more information about joining their route and schedule. Families who participate in a route must volunteer to walk students to school at least one morning per week as well as turn in updated volunteer paperwork to our Volunteer Coordinator, Athena Fredrick.

If there is not currently a route in your area, please hold tight until we can find a program coordinator who can help launch new routes.

We Need Your Help!
Our former Walking School Bus coordinator, Elaine Bailey, is stepping away from her duties so that she can focus her attention on her new role as a second grade teacher at Genesee Hill. As such, we are seeking a volunteer to take over the coordination of the Walking School Bus program. This volunteer will coordinate the launch of new routes for the un-served areas of our neighborhood by helping plan safe walking routes and schedules for interested families. They will also serve as a central point of contact for the captains/coordinators of existing routes. Elaine will work closely with this volunteer during the transition process and provide all program documents and data that may be needed. If you are interested in this role, please email Elaine at elainenbailey@gmail.com.

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