Walking_School_Bus-390x234Genesee Hill’s walking school buses are a great way to get to school next year! A walking school bus is simply a group of students who walk to school under the supervision of one or more adults. Adults work together to form teams and take turns walking children in their area to school. This program encourages physical activity, helps students practice safe pedestrian skills, and gives students a chance to socialize before school begins each day.

We are working to recruit teams of adults to become bus “drivers” next year. “Driving” a bus would entail a commitment to becoming a screened volunteer (using the same process volunteers currently use) and walking a group of 4-6 students to school at least one day per week. If you are interested please send your name and cross streets to

Join us at our planning meeting on Monday, June 13 at 7PM at the Windermere Real Estate Offices in the junction.  Be on the look out for members of the transportation committee before and after school in the coming weeks to answer any additional questions you may have about the walking school bus program!


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