Science Celebration on Science Night March 24, 6:30-8:00 PM

sciencenightSchmitz Park Science Night 8.5×11

Now is your chance to experience the science that your student is learning in the classroom first hand. You and your student can enjoy hands on science from a full spectrum of science and technology community organizations, Schmitz Park families each grade and the student counsel.  This Thursday’s Science Celebration is your opportunity, and it is free.

  • Projects from each grade, including Rube Goldberg machines, Dinosaur fun and boat design
  • Grow crystals
  • Walk through a model of a colon
  • Experience the latest technology and write your own code
  • Water bugs! Fossils! Robots! Reptiles!

And much more…

Groups include:

Each grade level

Student council

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Burke Museum

Colon cancer awareness advocate, Schmitz Park teacher, Ms. Mitchell’s mother

Institute of Systems Biology

Issaquah Salmon hatchery

Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Tilth

Seattle App Academy

Seattle Astronomical Society

Seattle Audubon

Schmitz Park Parents and chemists, Margaret and Oliver Jones

Sustainable West Seattle



Museum of Flight


West Seattle High School

Woodland Park Zoo



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