OF_HuffordsThe Schmitz Park Fox Family was spotted 3 blocks west today inhabiting Alyse & Ryan Hufford’s yard. While the Hufford’s state they saw or heard nothing (that’s why it’s called being Out Foxed), it is presumed the foxes were on the move at some point late Wednesday night when they decided to occupy Kian & Calvin’s front lawn. “I want to keep one!” Calvin Hufford, incoming Schmitz Park 2nd grader, stated upon finding the skulk of furry friends. Speculation leads that since both Turcotte and Hufford are former PTA Board Members and actively engaged in the school it may mean that the Fox Family is seeking out familiar surroundings. However, this connection may be sheer coincidence. An anonymous tip received at press time revealed that the Foxes are looking for a meal with one fox being overheard saying to the pack, “Anyone else feel like Mexican?” Watch here for updates on where they may be headed.

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