BREAKING NEWS – Turcotte’s “Out Foxed”…

Turcottes A family of Schmitz Park Foxes ventured out of the reserve early Tuesday morning  in search of expanding their habitat. The Foxes received a tip that former PTA  President Joe Turcotte and First Lady Anita Lavine are strong advocates of the SP  PTA mission to provide little Foxes opportunities to grow, learn and thrive – thus  making their home an ideal place for an expanded den. Occupying the Turcotte-  Lavine Family yard, the foxes drew immediate attention from the community and  this unexpected arrival has stirred up questions. Where are they headed next?  How far will they go? Can they do number bonds? While a den mother could not be reached for comment, a source close to the Fox Family says “The little critters are likely looking for new friends. That, or they are just plain restless. 12 weeks off for summer is a long time to sit in a forest.”

IMG_4546And those Foxes are an active group. Schmitz Park Foxes work hard every day fulfilling a pledge to be respectful, responsible and help each other. They are clever and wonderful creatures relying on programs, events and services Schmitz Park Elementary provides through the enormous efforts of the PTA. In turn, the PTA relies on the generosity of our families and community to fund that commitment. We’re all a family at Schmitz Park and that means you too!

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