Room Parents – Staff Appreciation Ideas


Schmitz Park Room Parents:

As you know,¬†we’re not allowed to collect money in the front office or classrooms. Below are ideas for different ways you can collect gifts or donations for your class’ teacher appreciation gift.

  • We’ve set up a special Teacher Appreciation Wish List made specific to each teacher. The Wish List contains a link for Amazon email gift cards. Parents can select the amount of their email gift card, put in teacher email address for who the gift is going to, select date for delivery Friday, May 8th and then pay for the gift card. Your teacher will receive all of the gifts cards from each family on Friday. No collecting money and purchasing gift.
  • Go to this site:, set-up an account and send out link to parents. They can donate money to you directly to purchase a gift for your teacher.

Below is the list of specialists assigned to the grades. Room parents for each grade have been reaching out to each other and taking one day each to do something small along with what they’re doing for their teacher. Basically each class can take a day.

  • K – Ms. Lew
  • 1st – Ms. Sealey
  • 2nd – Ms. Dunn
  • 3rd – Ms. Vaninni
  • 4th – Ms. Bronson
  • 5th – Ms. Cochran

Parents of children who use room 5 & 6, we’d like to set up a group to treat the teachers and aids that help support our children. Email if you’d like to participate. If you don’t want to be part of the group, please send a thank you note in with your child one day next week to give to their specific supporters. Cheri Carl and I would like to replenish their toy stash, give them flowers and Starbucks cards.

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