Bell Times – Let Your Voice Be Heard

SPS and the Bell Times Analysis Task Force is collecting public input on proposed options at a community meeting Tuesday May 12, 7PM – 8:30PM at Chief Sealth High School Commons (2600 SW Thistle St). Can’t make the meeting but want to give feedback? Copy/Paste your choice in an email to with the option you think serves all students in all grade levels the best. Deadline for Task Force emails is April 30. (Public Input period closes May 15.)

Select one:

#1: Start elementary school at 8:00/8:50AM, high school at 8:50AM, and middle school at 9:40AM

#2: Offer late start high school as an option: high school can start at 7:50 or8:40AM, middle school at 7:50AM, elementary school at 8:40/9:30AM

#3: Start high school at 7:50AM, middle school at 7:50AM and elementary school at 8:40/9:30AM (current bell times).

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