West Seattle Community Invited to Submit Name Suggestions For New School at Genesee Hill

The West Seattle community, along with Schmitz Park Elementary families, staff and Genesee Hill School alumni, are being invited to submit suggestions for the name of the new school building being constructed to replace the old building on the Genesee Hill school site. This Seattle Public Schools Building Excellence IV (BEX IV) project was approved by Seattle voters in February 2013. The Schmitz Park Elementary program is scheduled to move into the new building at the Genesee Hill site in September, 2016.


“We hope to select a name that honors our legacy as Schmitz Park Elementary, while building a new tradition, in a new location, on Genesee Hill,” said Gerrit Kischner, Principal, Schmitz Park Elementary.  If you wish to nominate a name, including the current Genesee Hill School name, please email it to communications@schmitzparkpta.org. All nominations need to be received by March 31, 2015.  Please include the criteria for why the name should be selected.  Seattle Public Schools’ School Board naming procedure states that the naming of new buildings should be selected based upon: (a) geographical location or local community name; or (b) distinguished individuals who have served the local community, state, or nation, whether in education or other fields.

Once names have been received, a committee that includes a representative from the Southwest Seattle Historical Society will compile the names. The community will then be asked to vote for their preferred name. The results of the poll, along with other submitted information, will be used to make a recommendation that will be sent to the Seattle Public Schools superintendent for review and consideration. The superintendent would then make a recommendation to the School Board for approval. For more information, please visit schmitzparkpta.org.

You can view the School Naming Process & Timeline here.

Naming Committee Members:

Cheri Carl, PTA Communications Chair and SP Parent (naming process lead)

Jim Abernethy, Community Member

Clay Eals, Southwest Seattle Historical Society Executive Director

Emily Giaquinta, PTA Legislative Co-Chair and SP Parent

Alice Thavis, SP Parent

Mark Wainwright, SP Parent

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