Kindergarten Playground burnt

The Kindergarten Playground is a total loss as a result of a late night fire last night. The West Seattle Blog has been covering this since early morning; check there for details and updates.

We’ve been getting a flood of messages from concerned members and the broader community. Thanks to all for your concern, offers of donation, and willingness to assist in any way!

 Here is the latest update:

  • No update on how fire started – cause is still being investigated.
  • Damage to play structure appears to be total.
  • Damage to building is considerable, yet luckily nothing major (19 windows and nearby wall boards). These are being fixed today.
  • This was a new play structure (opened this year).
  • Structure was paid for by district funds (not PTA monies).
  • Thanks to all those who suggested crowd funding and donations. Currently, we believe the replacement will be covered by district insurance. We will provide updates here and via West Seattle Blog, and email our members in the event of complication.
  • Area affected is considered a danger zone, and therefore no parent help is needed at this time (yet thanks for your offers). Professional cleanup is required and they will be onsite as soon as soon as possible.
  • The local company that built the structure has been alerted and we trying to figure out how soon we can have a replacement installed. (more to come).

Finally, we are expecting to have around 600 kids in the school this year. If the building had been affected, this could have been disastrous for our kids and the community. We are very lucky this was contained, that no one was hurt and our sincere thanks to all fire fighters involved.

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