A Changing of the Guard – New Board Elected

The main news from Thursday’s brief member meeting: The membership elected a new Board of Directors for the 2014-2015 year.

By a unanimous vote, the following members were elected:

  • President: Joe Turcotte
  • Vice President: Robert Kelly
  • Secretary: Alyse Hufford
  • Legislative Co-chairs: Emily Giaquinta & Angela Cough
  • Fundraising Co-chairs: Lorie Bennett & Derek Birnie
  • Communications: Cheri Carl
  • Treasurer: Tom Boyer
  • Vice Treasurer: Michelle Wonder

Also at the meeting, we discussed and celebrated a number of significant achievements, including a year-over-year increase in participation, volunteer hours, donor support, communication capacity, and cohort activity, as well as positive outcomes on crucial issues like the development of the new school site and math curriculum adoption.

While there are many people to thank for those accomplishments, we expressed deep appreciation for the following outgoing board member for their leadership this year:

  • Jeff Rayner, President
  • Ed Hansen, Treasurer
  • Nazleen Patel-Ejarque, Fundraising Chair
  • Sabrina Kovacs-Storlie, Teacher Representative

While this board hold fiduciary responsibility and charts the overall direction of the PTA, our success depends on the leadership of dozens of other people. We’re grateful that so many people have already stepped up to take responsibility for next year’s plans. There is always room for you to pursue your interest here. Drop a line to board@schmitzparkpta.org to get connected.

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