Math in Focus Wins! School Board action on Math Curriculum

This post will be updated as possible. For the SPS live feed, click here.

Update 8:19 PM. Per Lorie Bennett: “Math in Focus has been adopted as the sole math curriculum by the SPS Board with 4 votes for and 3 votes against.”

Amazing, amazing accomplishment! Thank you to everyone who sent a message to the school board!

Update 9:00 PM. Some other coverage:

Blow by blow reporting at Seattle Schools Community Forum

 Celebratory story at the Cliff Mass Weather Blog

Update 11:00 PM. Announcement e-mail to PTA members:

You Did It! Math in Focus WINS!

Thanks to you, the Seattle school board voted tonight in a monumental turn of events to adopt Math In Focus as the single K-5 elementary curriculum.  Your voice was heard, you saved Singapore Math for Schmitz Park, and every student in Seattle Public Schools will now have access to the math excellence that we’ve pioneered. 

Never say you can’t fight town hall. Courageous votes from Board Members McLaren, Patu, Peters, and Peaslee came only after long hard work by dozens of Schmitz Park leaders and our allies at West Seattle STEM and other schools to make a solid case, and by many more of you who took the time to let those board members know your own stories. 

Thank you for supporting the cause, sending letters, and giving moral support.  And special thanks to Emily Giaquinta – who spearheaded our campaign, and took our voice to new levels. 

This is a monumental win for our children, for our dedicated teachers, and for everyone! 

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