FUNDRAISING: it’s not too late to donate

We are excited to say that we have surpassed our fundraising goal of $187,000. It was because of YOU the school has the much needed supplies and support to help our children become successful in academics and in the community.

It takes a village to raise a child, and we are THAT village.  – Nazleen, Fundraising Chair


However, as we look forward to next school year, there are changes ahead. Those changes will depend on HOW we act now.  As you know, our math curriculum is in jeopardy as The Seattle Public Schools Math Adoption Committee has recommended enVision Math for all Seattle schools.  We may need to fund our math program once again, which adds a potential $80,000 to next year’s fundraising budget that was not accounted for in in this year’s.

In order to continue and upgrade a math program that has not only enriched our children’s education, but will provide our teachers with valuable tools not previously available to them via Singapore Math, we need to have 100% participation in the One Campaign from our parent community.
Many families have given already, however we have a few in each class that have yet to do so.  Our goal was $320 per child but whatever amount is greatly appreciated and will help to offset the costs and fundraising budget for next year. Thank you to all the families who have generously supported and believed in Schmitz Park. Your financial support, whatever the amount, is greatly appreciated.  
Please contact with questions regarding donating to Schmitz Park. Click here to make a gift online

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