Royal Court Nominations as of 3/27/14

CrownWow, 2nd grade swooped in and knocked 3rd grade down to 3rd place and is now nipping at the heels of Kindergarten. Watch out Kindergarten, I believe 2nd grade is saying game on.

Help your child’s cohort (grade level) secure the coveted honor of the Auction Royal Court by making a $5 vote on the VOTE FOR ROYAL COURT via PayPal or by bringing in cash or check to the front office (be sure to put your child’s name and room # on it). Don’t forget the top FUNdraising cohort will win a Popsicle party with masks and beads, as well as send their teachers to the auction in a swanky limo, and kick off the dance party. Get your votes in by April 2nd. 

Royal Court rankings as of March 27th:

  1. Kindergarten: $705 raised, 141 votes, 109 students, 31.2% voter rate, raised 28% of funds
  2. 2nd Grade: $595 raised, 191 votes, 99 students, 18.2% voter rate, raised 26% of funds
  3. 3rd Grade: $320 raised, 64 votes, 94 students, 22.3% voter rate, raised 15% of funds
  4. 1st Grade: $455 raised, 91 votes, 128 students, 21.5% voter rate, raised 15% of funds
  5. 4th Grade: $160 raised, 32 votes, 70 students, 9.9% voter rate, raised 9% of funds
  6. 5th Grade: $105 raised, 21 votes, 73 students, 5.5% voter rate, raised 6% of funds

Rankings are based off of funds raised/total # of students in each cohort (#s equalize among grade levels). For a breakdown by classroom, click Royal_Court_3-27_Ave-funds.

School wide TOTALS thus far: $2,340 raised, 468 votes, 586 students, 19.3% voter rate and average spend per voter $20.71 so far. Let’s try to get the participation up to 100% of the school.

We raised $9,000 last year, let’s see if we can beat it and raise $10,000 this year!!!